Who can own depositary receipts?

The company decides who can be granted depositary receipts. There are for instance companies on our platform which have chosen to provide depositary receipts to contractors or suppliers as well! 

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Can I pay someone in equity?

Yes absolutely! It is often done using depositary receipts. We think this is a great idea, because the more you can make all your stakeholders owners of your company the higher form of economic stability you create. Do always make sure that the subcontractor sends you an invoice for the work they’ve done. The company can then pay this invoice with certificates, with a total value equal to the invoice. Make sure you calculate how many certificates this should be based on a fair market value of the certificates (the shares of the company). It is common practice to pay the net amount of the invoice in equity and the tax amount (VAT) in cash. This way the subcontractor is not draining on cash while helping you out with your company. We (Share Council) also take the income tax into account and pay this part in cash as well. That’s up to you. All in all, nothing is as beautiful as having these extremely valuable stakeholders close to the company and owning part of the business. Together we make a change.

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