Who can own depositary receipts?

The company decides who can be granted depositary receipts. There are for instance companies on our platform which have chosen to provide depositary receipts to contractors or suppliers as well! 

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What if an employee leaves the company?

The answer is fairly simple: it depends on the rules you set as a company. Most of the time the following rules account:

1. When a employee leaves on good grounds they can sell back their shares for the price at that moment. The company does have a fairly long payment term because it should not bring the company in financial bad weather;
2. When a employee leaves as a β€œbad leaver” (fired on the spot for lawful reasons), they either get the actual cash back they once invested (we pretend the investment never happened) or they get nothing at all;
3. Some companies (like Share Council) allow everyone to keep their shares, we believe it is the best way to have and keep a large ambassador network. A conclusive answer to this question is found in the Trust Conditions that apply to your participation.

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