Who can own depositary receipts?

The company decides who can be granted depositary receipts. There are for instance companies on our platform which have chosen to provide depositary receipts to contractors or suppliers as well! 

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What is a participation plan?

The participation plan is a document that contains the rules that apply to the process of becoming eligible to receive participation. For instance, it states who can be participants: just employees or also suppliers and ambassadors. How participants can finance their participation. And whether there is a maximum of participation one participant can hold. There are more “rules of engagement” that can be set in the participation plan. As long as it is about the possibility to participate or end the participation it will fit in the plan. As soon as rules concern any trade, buys/sell and hold regulation it will be put in a document controlling the General Trust Conditions (this especially accounts for depositary receipts). The participation plan is truly the welcoming document to anyone participating in your company.

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