Who can own depositary receipts?

The company decides who can be granted depositary receipts. There are for instance companies on our platform which have chosen to provide depositary receipts to contractors or suppliers as well! 

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What is a STAK?

STAK is an abbreviation of Stichting Administratiekantoor. A STAK manages shares of a BV or NV and issues certificates that correspond with these shares. A STAK is used to keep the voting rights at the STAK and transfer the profit entitlement. In other words, this way you can give a person a right to profit without having to provide them with voting rights. The voting rights stay with the STAK and the profit entitlement goes to the other person, because they have a certificate of a share. The STAK receives the dividend and distributes this to the persons holding a certificate of a share. However, you can also choose to give your participants voting rights!

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