Closing the capital wealth gap

We are on a mission to close the capital wealth gap, which society has created and which steadily has been growing the last 400 years.

To solve this we have taken it upon ourselves to make sure that every of the 137 million SME employees in Europe will become owners of the company they work for.

That is 90% of the European workforce owning 80% of the European economy. That will move the needle.

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Ownership the number 1 driver for successful companies

The way society develops right now assures that by 2030 employee ownership will be the nr. 1 driver for successful companies. Employee ownership is becoming a must have, even a mandatory tool to attract talent, stable teams and build a stable company. That's why we are making it as easy as possible for any entrepreneur to make employees owners, to give employees a true feeling of belonging, and to give all parties a peace of mind.


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Market leader in equitytech

So, we are Share Council and we are the market leader in the equitytech industry. Founded in 2017 our platform combines elements of legaltech, fintech, and sharetech to provide a comprehensive and innovative solution to the challenges of entrepreneurship and co-ownership.

As a B-Corp certified company we're on a mission to revolutionize entrepreneurship by empowering 25 million business owners to share their companies with their employees. Together, we can close the wealth gap, create more engaged people, and transform the way we do business.

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Blockchain based
& easy to use

By utilizing blockchain technology, we ensure the security and accuracy of all equity transactions, while our legal templates - verified and approved by recognized law firms - ensure reliability and peace of mind.

Our platform is designed with the average employee in mind, hence understandable and easy to use. With onboarding over 100 social companies, we're confident that there's a fitting plan for everyone. 

Our competitive pricing saves businesses both money and time compared to the traditional setup, while our focus on transparency and accuracy ensures that all stakeholders can participate with confidence.

Co ownership is the way to grow forward. When everyone co-owns the business, all have a reason for the company to succeed, for them to go the extra mile and to show discretionary effort.

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Brian Spaans

Brian Spaans

Head of Finance | bunq


Marleen Evertsz

Founder | Nxchange

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Henri de Jong

Founder | The Sharing Group

Ruben Verschuren

Financial regulation Lawyer | Deloitte

Olivier Rikken

Expert | Emerging Horizons

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