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Equidam is the online platform for Startup Valuation. Our technology enables entrepreneurs to truly learn what drives their valuation, transparently discuss it, thanks to clear and detailed valuation reports, and close fair deals with investors and buyers. We selected the 5 leading methods used to value startups and combined them with the most reliable data for the valuation parameters, tailored to 90 countries and 136 industries. 


Nxchange is Europe’s Next Generation Stock Exchange for (tokenized) securities and digital assets that gives investors the power to self-organize and shape the world the way they want by decentralizing the means of investment using the power of the Internet, decentralized protocols, social networks and state of the art technology. Our Investment Services Platform is a modular platform with centralized services where assets can be offered and traded through multiple labels


At The Sharing Group we share goals, technology and knowledge. The Sharing Group is impact driven. We are active in various markets with a strong focus on Tech, Energy and Mobility. We have a foothold in the Netherlands and are gradually expanding all over Europe. Brands that are part of The Sharing Group are, for example: Mijndomein, MyWheels, EnergyZero, Weave and Metaregistrar.

Within the group, TSG Ventures is responsible for early stage investments in the Energy & Mobility industry. At TSG we are looking for people who are able to break the status quo and initiate transitions.


Thanks to Fieldfisher's market-leading sector expertise, clients benefit from best-in-class legal solutions in banking and financial services, life sciences and healthcare, energy and natural resources and technology. Our wide range of specialisms is reflected in the diversity of our clients – spanning household name multinational companies to technology start-ups and investors.


BVDV has the relevant knowledge and experience to assist and advise entrepreneurs in all manner of disputes and legal issues they may face. The BVDV team is made up of specialised lawyers and tax advisers who are able to advise businesses and private individuals both with regard to civil and tax issues. If you have a legal or tax question or are looking for a specialist, then please visit our team page or go to our fields of law page where you will be able to find the right lawyer or adviser for your specific case.


Our knowledge is extensive, and that includes knowing what we don't know. Like you, we don't know what tomorrow will bring. To lead is to look ahead, but the view is often restricted. So we’ll work with you to get to grips with possible changes to legislation and regulations, future developments in your markets and the impact of technological breakthroughs. Where are opportunities likely to arise, which threats are lurking, what can we already anticipate now? 


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