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Let's change the way we do business

In 2030 co-ownership will be a commodity, everyone expects to be participating wherever they add value. This will give us a more equally divided, inclusive society where there is a fair share for everyone.

Share Council is an employee ownership platform for organizations that want to share their company. It was founded on the premise that the world’s biggest problems are just getting bigger – while the worlds richest are just getting richer. This cannot be the goal. So we decided to fix both. When everyone co-owns the business, all have a reason for the company to succeed, for them to go the extra mile, to show discretionary effort, to put their shoulders together, and to be the heroes they can be.

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€ 150k in Easy Bonds (Convertible Bonds)

Share Council issues simple bonds with a 10-year maturity, offering 5% interest paid quarterly and an option for conversion to true ownership (depositary receipts of shares) when you believe it's the right time. We could not make it easier 💪

  • Bond price € 1 (# min. € 500)
  • 5% annual interest
  • Quarterly pay-out
  • Conversion when you want

With just over 125 clients (companies) and about 5.000 employees using our platform, Share Council has become a decisive part of peoples life. 


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Would you rather immediately invest in ownership?

Then we offer the options to immediately buy depositary receipts of shares.


  • Full voting rights in General Meeting
  • Investment is 30 cents per certificate
  • Minimal investment 30 euro's (100 certificates)
  • Total active certificates 23.918.535
  • Certificates added in this round 500.000


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