How to Establish Beneficial Ownership: A Guide for Businesses

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Oct 22, 2023 3:14:39 PM

As an entrepreneur, you may encounter various legal concepts and instruments that can impact your business operations. One of these concepts is Beneficial Ownership, also known as Economic Ownership or Beneficial Ownership Rights. In this blog post, we will discuss what Beneficial Ownership entails and how you can establish it for your business.

What are Beneficial Ownership Rights?

Beneficial Ownership Rights refer to the right to economically benefit from a specific asset, even though its legal ownership belongs to someone else. In other words, the person or entity with Beneficial Ownership Rights has the right to reap the rewards of ownership, such as income, profit, or appreciation in value, while the legal ownership remains with another party.

Steps to Establishing Beneficial Ownership Rights

Legal Advice

Since Beneficial Ownership Rights are a complex legal concept, it is advisable to seek legal advice before setting this up. Share Council specializes in employee participation and can assist you in developing a suitable concept for your business.

Contractual Agreement

Establishing Beneficial Ownership Rights requires a contractual agreement between the owner of the asset (the legal owner) and the party seeking to enjoy economic benefits (the beneficiary). This contract must clearly define the rights, obligations, and conditions regarding the economic ownership. It is important to thoroughly discuss and legally document all aspects, such as the duration of ownership, revenue distribution, and termination options. Share Council has various formats for these contracts ready to save you time.

Transparency and Documentation

Maintaining full transparency and documentation of the Beneficial Ownership transaction is crucial. This includes keeping track of all relevant documents, such as agreements, invoices, payment receipts, and other supporting documentation. Proper documentation aids in demonstrating the validity and legitimacy of the Beneficial Ownership arrangement.

Tax and Legal Compliance

Establishing Beneficial Ownership may have tax and legal implications. It is essential to ensure compliance with relevant tax laws and regulations, as well as other legal requirements related to ownership transfer and contractual agreements. Consult your tax advisor and legal experts to ensure that your Beneficial Ownership arrangement aligns with applicable laws. Share Council can support you with our expert notaries to keep everything streamlined.

Maintenance and Evaluation

Once Beneficial Ownership is established, it is important to regularly maintain and evaluate it. Keep your contractual agreements up-to-date and periodically assess the effectiveness and compliance of the arrangement. If necessary, you can make amendments or terminate the contract in accordance with the agreed-upon terms.


Establishing Beneficial Ownership Rights can offer various benefits to businesses, such as optimizing tax structures, risk allocation, and facilitating international trade activities. However, it is a complex legal concept that must be approached meticulously. By seeking advice from Share Council, drafting transparent agreements, and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, you can responsibly and effectively utilize Beneficial Ownership Rights for your business. Additionally, if you're interested in learning more about how our solutions can benefit your company, you can schedule a demo with our CEO