We at Share Council have developed a platform for employee participation. Employee participation contributes to a strong team that makes an impact and allows you to reward people in the short term for long-term goals. But in addition to the benefits for your own team and company, you also support Share Council’s mission. In the Netherlands there are 5 million people who work for SMEs and they account for almost 70% of the economy. In Europe there are 137 million. With 25% of the group you start a revolution, this is 34 million people in Europe and 1.25 million people in the Netherlands. We want to make every employee of the SME co-owner of the company they work for and come closer to our goal; closing the widening gap between rich and poor

Ways of employee participation

There are many ways to become a co-owner of the company you work for. This can be done by distributing the shares. But also, for example, by issuing depositary receipts for shares, perhaps transferring voting rights of a share, implementing options or other promises on (depositary receipts on) shares, only selling the economic property rights or by linking bonuses to the company’s value development. There is a wide variety of possibilities. We’re going to talk about Share Council’s three most commonly used forms; depositary receipts, options on depositary receipts and Economic Ownership Rights.

But first: what is a depositary receipt?

To understand what depositary receipts or options on depositary receipts are, it is wise to first know what a depositary receipt is. A depositary receipt is actually a shortening of; a depositary receipts of a share of a company. A depositary receipts represents the value of a particular share. It can also even represent the voting rights of a particular share.

Depositary receipts

By means of a depositary receipt on a share, you agree that the holder of the depositary receipt is entitled to the economic benefits arising from the associated share. A certificate is issued by a foundation, which we call a STAK (Trust Foundation or Stichting Administratiekantoor). They make you co-owner of the company that you work for.

The biggest advantage of a STAK is the trading. The participation can easily be traded, so a visit to the notary is not necessary for every trade. The STAK structure is therefore an attractive way to participate in companies for both employees and investors.

Why should I use options?

Implementing options is relatively cheap and easy. All you need is a contract that clearly describes the price and rules of the option. The risk is very low for employees. If the company value falls, you can choose not to use the options. Then nothing will happen. But the advantage of options comes forward when the value of shares/depositary receipts rises. If the company value goes up and the employees want to buy shares, they can do so for a lower price than the people without options. This saves them a lot of money.

What are Economic Ownership Rights (EORs)?

With Economisch Ownership Rights (EORs), the economic ownership right to a share is waived. This is transferred to someone else, which means that that person is now entitled to the distributions that come in on that share. However, this does not entitle the employee to exercise voting or meeting rights on the share. A major advantage of EORs is their tradability, they can be traded without a notarial deed. A notary is therefore not required for every transaction.

Why should you choose Share Council?

Share Council’s participation platform ensures that, after setting up the structure and selecting the contracts, there is no need to think about administration. Everything is arranged and maintained for you in the background. We want to make every employee a hero and get closer to our goal; reducing capital inequality.

Get Started

We have a range of payment plans available, so no matter what your budget is or how much time you have to spend on participation, we have a plan that will work for you.

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