(Almost) no European SME employees have ownership in what they produce on a daily basis

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May 15, 2023 5:25:27 PM

With just 5 million out of 137 million SME workers in Europe owning equity in their companies, a substantial gap exists. This disparity undermines Europe's global talent competitiveness. Equidam and Share Council have teamed up to streamline participation plans and resolve valuation challenges. Through this partnership and the creation of the 137 Million Club, they aim to empower European employees, narrowing the wealth gap and promoting inclusivity.

Just 5 Million EU employees own equity in the company they work for. This creates a staggering divide and it leaves Europe behind in the race for global talent.

That 96.5% of the 137 Million SME workers in Europe have no ownership in the company they work for means that only 5 Million of them do own equity. This creates a staggering divide and fosters the philosophy that there is a fierce split between human capital and ownership. Critically, it leaves Europe behind in the race for global talent.

Valuation platform

This fight has been at the foundation of both Equidam and Share Council, which have joined forces to tackle the problem. In this Share Council trying to lower all legal, structural and social barriers in setting up participation plans, where Equidam solves the valuation trap. And exactly this is where a lot gets to a standstill, valuing the company on a consecutive basis in order to make participation fair and transparent for everyone. Both companies realised the golden merritt in their solutions to fight inequality while boosting the race for global talent.



From today on both platforms are linked to serve your company in setting up Employe Ownership while easily tackling the Valuation issues. Over the following months, the companies will be working on further integration of Equidam’s valuation technology into Share Council’s Employee Ownership platform, driving the charge to reduce employee ownership barriers.

“If Europe has to remain competitive, it needs to include a much larger pool of talent in the gains of startups and scale-up companies. This is the only way to create the virtuous circle of capital and expertise reinvested back in early-stage companies. 

Regulation is catching up, and software infrastructure needs to do the same. We hope to play a big role in this ambitious goal.” Daniel Faloppa – Equidam

New Foundation

To underline the gravity of this partnership Equidam and Share Council are also joining forces in the new 137 Million Club, a foundation focused on making every European employee co-owner of the company they work for in order to close the capital wealth gap our society has dug itself into. 

“63% of the European capital is in the hands of 10% of the population. See here a link with 96.5% of European SME employees not owning the company they work for, not generating a passive income on their efforts. As long as we keep it this way, the capital wealth gap will only widen, with the worst economical and societal consequences as a result. I believe it is our moral duty to fix this.” Quintus Willemse – Share Council

So let’s start working together on these issues. Let’s kill two birds with one stone. We’ll end the difficult and audacious task of doing valuations and implementing employee ownership. To give us in Europe the best competitive advantage in creating strong talented teams and to make our world truly inclusive for all.

How can our platform help you? 

Share Council’s participation platform ensures that there is no need to think about administration after setting up the structure and selecting the contracts. Everything is arranged and maintained for you in the background. We have a range of payment plans available, so no matter what your budget is or how much time you have to spend on participation, we have a plan that will work for you.

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